21 Oct 2011


At the time of the last semester holiday, exactly 28 s / d June 29, 2010. Some councils of teachers, staff, administrators OSIS, and Editor of the magazine Genstro been to a private school called Universe Semarang High School. The school is located in Semarang roadway 15 kilo meters of Mount Pati, Semarang. Schools that work together with Yayasan Al-Firdaus and Pasiad has an area of ​​about 10 hectares, and that there is a new building about 5 acres. In addition to high school, junior high selolah also provides. And location of the building is also a high school complex with the Universe.
In addition to having a building large enough, Universe High School also has a very brilliant achievement. 
Achievement is not only up to the national level only. But up to the international level. At the international level as well not only as participants, but also successfully won the gold medal, silver, and bronze. The new school was about 10 years, adopts the learning system of Turkey. Therefore Turkish guard is used to charge local subjects.
This school curriculum Using national and international, modern education, student-based education, etc.. 
Textbooks used are of international standard book tailored to the standards in Indonesia. And using two languages, with English the language of instruction. In addition, each class is also using modern technological means, such as projectors, electronic whiteboards, etc.
In addition, schools that have a vision of "Being-oriented education center on the creation of a child with a brain Germany be rooted cultural Mecca and Indonesia" It also provides dormitories for their students. 
Provided dormitories for students and siswinya come from various regions in Indonesia. For example Samarinda, Papua, etc.. SMA Universe gives off long enough for their students. Which is about one month. In addition, this school also held a study tour abroad for their students. Such as Australia, Europe, America, etc.
In this school there are no majors IPS, because the distribution of majors is not based on value. 
However, based on self selection. And social studies majors who are interested to less than 9 children. Students and high school students prefer to study with the Universe outside of school hours. One hour before school and two hours after school. In addition, in extrakulikuler held to support the talent of their students. Here is a learning system in Semarang Universe high school environment.
a. National curriculum
1. SBC
2. 40 hours per week
3. Subject to these subjects diknas
4. Turkish local content
5. The allocation of teaching hours of English language tailored to the specific 
purpose of preparing the Home for science

b. Methods of learning

1. Based Multimedia
2. Based Students
3. CBP approaches (competence-based project) = KKM can be done to achieve with 
the study, although small
4. Classical and individualized approach
5. Compete with its own standard
c. two language systems
1. English 16 hours per week
2. Beginning in ajalaran there matriculation program
3. The introduction of Home for Science

d. Moving class system
1. System cabinet
2. Students follow the maple in a special room
3. The division of classes: class Science, Social Studies, Language, Music, math, lab. 
physics, lab. chemistry,the lab. biology, lab. computer
4. Teachers and classroom space and laboratory
5. Switching between the subjects were given 5-minute pause
e. Small classes
1. Number of students 24-30 students
2. Form of class removeable
3. Classes are decorated according to field of study
4. Each year class design changes
5. The whole class is equipped with multi media such as LCDs, computers and 
6. Electronic whiteboard for the lab. English, lab. physics, lab. chemistry, lab. of 

f. Olympic Program
1. Remain part of national curriculum in accordance with its level / grade acceleration 
is not
2. Mathematics curriculum class I, II, III completed in class VII or X
3. Penjurusan accordance with the interests and talents
4. Areas of concentration: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computers, 
5. Champing Olympics
6. Following the competition - competition
7. Terms academics: the exact value the average - average 8

g. Disciplinary System
1. The existence of regulations and boarding school
SP System I, II, III and drop out
3. The existence of reward and punishment
Fostering student discipline
Consultations, visits and supervision behavior of students
6. Regulations apply in school and outside school

h. Guidance system
1. Life long education
2. Leadership program
3. Monitoring students' intensive
4. Learning program (etut) morning and evening
5. Morality and moral guidance
6. Mother class system
7. Visits parents
8. Camping and recreation
9. academic guidance


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